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Lift and new shoes on customer's rig.
Good day everyone!

Last week we installed and Teraflex Sport ST3 3.5" lift with their caster brackets on a 2019 JLUR.  to compliment the new lift height we added som DV8 beadlocks with Nitto Ridge Grapplers and some Falcon 2.1 shocks.  Below are some pics of the transformation.


[Image: sal_before.png]


[Image: sal_after.png]

Customers factory lug nuts fit but not the locks.  We had two selections of locks on hand but neither fit.  Have to go to the splined tuner locks to make these wheels work completely.

More pics to come as I sort through them.  Have a blessed and prosperous day!

Allen's Offroad - 530-620-1100
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