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JK Suspension Torque Specs
Here is some useful data you guys might find helpful.


JK Suspension Torque Specs:

Front Components

Upper Control Arm 75 lb-ft
Lower Control Arm 125 lb-ft
Front Bump Stop Spacer 20 lb-ft
Shock Absorber Lower Mount 56 lb-ft
Front Drive Shaft to Pinion Flange 81 lb-ft
Sway Bar end Link 75 lb-ft
Track Bar 125 lb-ft
Drag Link Adjustment Sleeve Clamp 26 lb-ft
Wheels (Lug Nuts) 110 lb-ft.

Rear Components

Control Arm 125 lb-ft
Shock Absorber Upper Mount 23 lb-ft
Shock Absorber Lower Mount 56 lb-ft
Track Bar 125 lb-ft
Brake Line Bracket 12 lb-ft
Sway Bar to Frame 33 lb-ft
Sway Bar End Link to Axle 75 lb-ft
Wheels (Lug Nuts) 110 lb-ft
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